Dr David Hone in the field holding a fossil Tyrannosaur tooth

Dr David Hone

Welcome to the online home of Dr Dave Hone, palaeontologist and writer. My research focuses on the behaviour and ecology of the dinosaurs and their flying relatives, the pterosaurs. In addition, I do a lot of science communication, outreach and engagement with for example my podcast Terrible Lizards, my (now retired) blog for the science pages of  The Guardian, and acting as a scientific consultant for various media and TV productions. My first popular science book, The Tyrannosaur Chronicles came out in 2016 and my new book The Future of Dinosaurs is out now.

On here you can find details of my research program and scientific papers (including species I have named), my outreach program and websites, my scientific training, teaching programs, and media work. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or follow me on Twitter.