Outreach Impact Survey

Every 6 years or so British Universities are required to demonstrate that their research is useful to society in an exercise called Research Excellent Framework. This is a critical measure and it’s important to show how my outreach and engagement activities that are based on my research have reached people.

If you could take a moment to fill in this feedback questionnaire to help us gauge the real world impact of my research on dinosaurs and their biology. You may have read one of my books (the Tyrannosaur Chronicles), my blogs (Archosaurs Musings and the Lost Worlds for The Guardian), seen one of public talks and lectures (including those online for the Royal Institution), podcasts (Terrible Lizards, Dinosaur George, I Know Dino) or any other public events, talks and media. If you have seen, read, or listened to any of these, please take the less than 2 minutes it takes to fill in this form.